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Slovak association of passive fire protection (APPO SR) was founded in November 2006 by four founding companies. Association members are major European manufacturers of construction products and systems with requirements for fire safety of buildings, experts in the field of fire safety of buildings. The association currently has 24 members. The association operates several sections:

  • Building construction

  • Fire shutters and glass structure

  • Cable and electrical equipment

  • Air conditioning and ventilation

  • Penetration seal installations, structures and relations

František Gilian - manager for strategy and development
Oravická 1228, 028 01 Trstená

Jiráskova 29, 974 01 Banská Bystrica
Libuša Gilianová


  • Passive fire protection - both traditional and innovative secure materials / systems and construction products

  • Promote administrative applications and features of construction products and systems in practice

  • Use building products that contribute to the spread of fires - reaction to fire, smoke and heat generation

  • Membership in international professional organizations

  • Legislation and technical standardization

  • Troubleshooting practice, develop technical guidelines (for cases where the absence resp. ambiguous interpretation of regulations)

  • Coordination in conjunction construction professions

  • Eligibility for the implementation of systems

  • Cooperation with partner organizations (Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, insurance companies, associations and associations from both home and abroad ...)