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UFTSU - Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union (UA)


Area: 603 628 Km²

Population: 45 560 272 person

GDP 7300 $ / person (2011)


Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union (UFTSU)

Contacts: Platkevych Borys - President-Chairman of Board



Phone: +38(044) 331-05-11, +38(044) 284-12-38

Fax: +38(044) 284-12-38 (37)


History and main purposes:

Ukrainian Fire and Technological Safety Union (UFTSU)  was created in 2004.

      By July 30, 2010 the organization was called "Ukrainian Union of fire products and                   services." "UFTSU" registered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice on October 19, 2004, №    2163


UFTSU consists of 143 companies (almost 47 thousand persons)- Union members, of which 114 – collective enterprises, research institutions and organizations of all ownership, operating in the Fire and Technological Safety field, and 9 individual members - individuals who work in the Fire and Technological Safety field as well.


The organization has 14 regional branches.


Aim: The main purpose of the organization is promoting the development, facilities and methods of Fire and Technological Safety implementation with the aim of improving the environmental situation, domestic market and common interests of Fire and Technological Safety protection members.

Since its registration organization actively working to create a the civilized working conditions in the market of Fire and Technological Safety, focusing on products and services quality and industry-standard regulatory and normative - technical base at EU standards promotion.


Union is the initiator and developer of many regulations in the field of fire safety.


Union carries out scientific and technical activity in construction, building materials industry, architecture and city planning.


UFTSU is the executor of the research work to develop standardized DBN B.2-5-56: 2010 Engineering equipment of buildings and structures' “Fire protection systems", which entered into force on 01.10.2011, at the request of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction.


23 national standards were developed with the help of professional companies - members UFTSU and departmental structures.


Union has signed cooperation agreement with the State Fire Emergencies Department, since 2011 - State Inspectorate of Technological Safety of Ukraine (UkrDITB - now), the State Certification Centre, Ukrainian Security Industry Federation, the League of Insurance Associations, Ukrainian Federation of security services, Quality Association, Employment National Center and closely cooperates with these organizations.

In collaboration with State Inspectorate of Technical Safety Emergencies working group were created with purpose to development regulations in technological and fire protection of different ownership.

Union and Center signed cooperation agreements concerning assistance experience and technologies in the field of fire exchange with relevant professional organizations in Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, CNBOP Poland, Institute of Construction Technology, Poland, with the European normative committees CEN / TC 70, CEN / TC 72, CEN / TC 89, CEN / TC 127, CEN / TC 160, CEN / TC 191, CEN / TC 192.


Borys Platkevych - President-Chairman +38 (067) 500-83-46

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council Ministry of Ukraine

First Deputy Chairman of the Council, member of the board of the State Inspectorate technological security of Ukraine

Deputy Chairman of the State Service Council of Ukraine for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Development

Member of the Expert Council under appeal Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship

Member of Ukrainian Coordinating Committee on employment of the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry Head of Supervisory Board LLC “Altosan”



Leading structure UFTSU   


Phone number


Position in Union

Platkevych Borys

+38 (067) 500-83-46

+38 (044) 412-00-29

President-Chairman of the Board

Bondarenko Oleg

+38 (050) 471-01-71

+38 (062) 333-70-23

First Vice - President, Deputy Chairman of the Board

Nosach Volodymyr

+38 (067) 506-25-54

+38 (044) 275-06-25

Vice-President in charge of fire safety

Lukyanov Oleksandr

+38 (067) 466-15-15

+38 (044) 461-79-69

Vice President in charge of technological safety

Yepishyn Oleg

+38 (050) 317-30-86

+38 (032) 222-45-47

Board member

Kaptur Oleksandr

+38 (050) 316-19-46

+38 (0482) 32-51-19

Board member

Karas Maksym

+38 (067) 617-78-25

+38 (0612) 70-02-13

Board member

Pitaychuk Sergiy

+38 (067) 466-73-33

+38 (044) 502-69-77

Board member

Burya Volodymyr

+38 (050) 330-23-31

+38 (044) 537-07-75

Board member

Zavada Volodymyr

+38(050) 589-93-39


Board member

Vasylenko Igor

+38 (067)-220-33-01

+38 (067)-466-27-18

Board member

Misevych Igor

+38 (050)-338-2968

+38 (0372)-557492

Board member

Pushkar Anatoliy

+38 (050) 311-91-43

The Honorary Board Members