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Profession Chamber of Fire Protection – PKPO

The Profession Chamber of Fire Protection is an association of physical and law bodies which operate in the fire protection of the entire Czech Republic.


The Profession Chamber of Fire Protection was founded in May 2000.

The chief authority of PKPO is a plenary assembly of the members, which leads the association via voting.

The plenary assembly chooses the thirteen members of the PKPO presidium.

It is lead by the Chamber president alongside with the first and second vicepresidents.

The presidium is authorised to negotiate in the name of PKPO.

The PKPO's activity is monitored by three revision committees, who are chosen by the plenary assembly.


The PKPO activity is divided into five main areas:

  • fire extinguisher and hydrant systems section

  • building fire security section

  • projecting section

  • special technologies and devices section

  • the educatory section



František Kregl - FK servis

Nepřímská 789

273 06 Libušín

Czech Republic


Mgr. Ing. Jarka Kovaříková - secretary of PKPO
tel: +420 725 179 791

tel/fax: +420 266 310 016

Headquarters PKPO

Kolčavka 69/5, 190 00 Praha 9 – Libeň

Czech Republic



The target of PKPO is to support the creation of a healthily competitive environment in the commercial market and to permanently increase fire security quality.


We aim to increase the expertise of physical and law persons who are running a business in this area, and a better overall informedness of the public. We also accentuate an effective antifire prevention. We conduct our activites in a close cooperation with the national fire defenses.


PKPO is highly active within the area of education and publication activites and works on creating and judging legislative and technical regulations concerning fire protection. It also holds conventions on fire protection with international attendance, and seminaries.